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CHAIN Monkey™ System S3

• Single-point loudspeaker suspension and aiming
• Three axis aiming adjustment… on the fly
• Any array configuration while retaining individual speaker adjustment
• Proper selection of attachment points can create a low-profile appearance

The CHAIN Monkey™ System S3 utilizes the CHAIN Monkey™ adjuster/end termination for 7/32″ Grade 80 chain. It is an adjustable speaker rigging system for speakers requiring three points of attachment. The system is used in conjunction with user-provided schedule 40 steel pipe and/or steel framing systems like Unistrut. This combination creates a system that is flexible, safe, fast and affordable. Because it is a single point system, it is far less time consuming to make the structural connection amidst the jungle of other building elements like conduit, duct work, sprinklers and ceiling support systems.

The System S3 provides on the fly adjustability of Pan, Tilt and Rotation angles. This is a great advantage when last minute adjustments to aiming angles are required. It also alleviates the need to know precise aiming angles prior to installation.
The CHAIN Monkey™ System S3 allows much more preparation to be done in the controlled environment of your facility instead of the frequently chaotic conditions of a construction site. Speakers can be transported to the job site in their shipping boxes, with the System attached, then literally hoisted out of their box and into position. Utilizing these features decreases installation time, protects equipment from damage, and decreases the opportunity for theft.

Please Note: Our Systems are intended for indoor, non corrosive, controlled environments only.

rotating speaker on rigging